I like pretty things + I like to make things pretty. 🖤

Welcome! My name is Megan Anderson and I am a left handed letterer from Texas, specializing in digital lettering.

I have a long history of artistry, independence, and entrepreneurship. When my first love of ballet and dance as a lifestyle and career were sidelined due to injury, I turned to less strenuous forms of creativity such as graphic and web design. I found myself working for several great names in Hollywood in the early 2000’s. But web design quickly went from hand written HTML to much more complex coding and scripting. My creative, hyperactive, right brain could only do so much. Then social media took over and no one needed an “official site” anymore anyway.

Fast forward several years, a wonderful marriage, 3 amazing kids, and the loss of the first man I ever loved, my Father, and I began expressing myself/coping with grief + anxiety in my spare time thru hand lettering thanks to the iPad Pro and Procreate.

With lefty.script, I strive to create to soothe my soul and provide what may be missing in other creatives lives.  

You can contact me anytime on instagram @lefty.script or by email at megan [!at] leftyscript.com 🖤

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